Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Meeting

Welcome back to our new year. Our first meeting for the year will be at the Bob Duncan center at 7:30 on 23 September. As usual, the doors will be open ahead of time for you to come and knit and chat.

This year we are asking each member to choose two coordinating yarns (about 4 skeins of each, preferably easily washable) to make an afghan. Each month we will receive a new pattern to make an 8" square with a different stitch pattern. In April we will put these squares together, hopefully to be given for charity. The first of these will begin with the Blocking program taking place this month. Blocking is an important facet of any knitting and will greatly help us in making consistent blocks.

There are also several issues to be discussed in our business meeting, such as changing the start time of the meeting and open officer positions. Come and cast your vote.

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